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Network of experts on digital Mediterranean societies. Prof. Mantelero participates in the international meeting “Towards a Mediterranean Network of DPAs and Experts in Personal Data Protection“ organised by the Moroccan DPA. Tangier, 27 January 2023

After the international workshop organised by the Jean Monnet Chair in Turin in December, Prof. Mantelero was invited by the Commission Nationale de Contrôle de la Protection des Données à Caractère Personnel (Moroccan Data Protection Authority) to participate in the first meeting of the Mediterranean Network for Data Protection (Réseau Méditerranéen des DPAs et Experts en PDP).

This meeting, attended by officials, academics and experts in the field of privacy and data protection from Spain, Italy, Lebanon, Israel, Tunisia, France and the European Commission, discussed the establishment of a regional network that brings together the countries of the Mediterranean area whose geographical, economic, security and human specificities require the creation of such a regional institution.

During the meeting, Prof. Mantelero emphasised the key role of the Mediterranean dimension, both within the Euro-Mediterranean relations and in the global context. He pointed out the challenges we face in the Mediterranean area and the contribution that the academia can make to the network as a place for critical thinking and designing of new scenarios.  


Mr Omar SEGHROUCHNI, President of the CNDP

Members of the CNDP:

Spain: Mr Pablo Manuel Mateos GASCUENA
Italy: Prof Alessandro MANTELERO
Turkey: Mr Ahmet Miraç SONMEZ
International Committee of the Red Cross : Mr Vincent CASSARD
European Commission: Mr Mattia TEMPINI
Lebanon : Prof Mona AL ACHKAR JABBOUR
Malta: Prof Joseph CANNATACI
Tunisia: Mr Chawki GADDES
France: Mr Bertrand du MARAIS
Israel: Ms Sharon Shemesh AZARYA
Council of Europe: Mr Peter KIMPIAN

Additional sources (M24 TV, news channel of the Moroccan news agency MAP):