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Law and Technology (MSc course)

The course sets the theoretical and cultural framework to understand and deal with the current major challenges in the field of society, law, and technology. The focus of the course is on the role of data-driven digital innovation, data protection and AI. It covers various topics related to the interplay between society, EU law, and technology, from a legal perspective.

Five different thematic modules will be addressed and discussed, focusing on Mediterranean societies: 1. Law, technology and society; 2. Data protection; 3. The GDPR; 4. Digital society and data governance; 5. AI.

Digital Societies & Law (PhD course)

This is a new course, designed to benefit from the activities of the Chair and strengthen its teaching and scientific outcomes. It will innovate in the delivery of the PhD curriculum by enabling students to place EU regulation and harmonization studies in the traditional technology-oriented context of PhD courses in the faculties of engineering.

The course is divided in three main parts: 1. main features of digital societies; 2. thematic section; 3. values of Mediterranean societies and contextual application of EU law in digital society.