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Prof. Mantelero at the EuCARE workshop on Data privacy, data property, and data sharing, Geneva, 19-20 June 2023

As part of the collaboration between the JMC and other EU-funded projects dealing with different aspects of digital societies, Prof. Alessandro Mantelero participated in an international workshop organised within the framework of the EuCARE project.

The EuCARE workshop on Data privacy, data property, and data sharing: an interdisciplinary dialogue for post-pandemic transnational research was held on 19-20 June 2023 at the Brocher Foundation (Geneva, Switzerland). A select group of social scientists, legal scholars, epidemiologists, clinicians, computer scientists, and patient representatives came together for an interdisciplinary discussion on the use of data in biomedical research, exploring possible ways to facilitate data-intensive research projects in the future.

Considering the prominent role played by health data in digital societies and the tension between wider access to biomedical data and the protection of patients’ rights, Prof. Mantelero gave a talk on The human-centric approach in scientific research: ethics and/or law of data processing. He highlighted the importance of developing a human-centric approach in the use of data for biomedical research, which should be based on risk assessment in order to manage the different potential consequences on individual rights as well as on ethical and societal values.

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